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Create online courses, automatically translate & centrally manage

With the unique learning content management system Knowledgeworker Create, you rely on an award-winning authoring tool that also handles all management processes for you.

Onlinekurse erstellen, automatisch übersetzen & zentral managen
Onlinekurse erstellen, automatisch übersetzen & zentral managen
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Your benefits

Get a handle on everything with one tool

What sets Knowledgeworker Create apart from other authoring tools

With this ingenious Learning Content Management System (LCMS) with integrated best-in-class authoring tool, you can create customized online courses that will delight your learners in no time! Integrated management processes shorten course creation and production times, so you can quickly set up a high-quality and customized continuing education offering. Integration of all organizational processes simplifies management and saves valuable resources: administration, translation, review, and task management, all in one place! Get the ultimate LCMS now and rock your e-learning courses!

Visualizing what collaborative authoring in course creation can look like

Collaborative authoring in course creation

They enable efficient collaboration and seamless communication between authors, designers, and decision makers. In the LCMS, all stakeholders collaborate centrally from the start. 

Visualization of a centralized management of online courses in the authoring tool

Centralized management in price development

You control and optimize the entire process around course development, approval and translation in the LCMS. You create quality in your e-learnings, transparency and efficient collaboration.

Visualization uniqueness in e-learning

Sustainable knowledge management and reusability

Rely on reusable learning content! Store all knowledge modules, questions and media centrally and reuse them at any time and combine them in new courses. 


Maximum savings, minimum costs: Knowledgeworker Create cuts your eLearning spend by a whopping 30%

Rely on the smartest and most revolutionary e-learning software


Rely on unprecedented efficiency in your course creation, translation, and revision

Together you are stronger! Collaborative working allows you to be more efficient and target your team strengths. Put an end to cumbersome processes and lengthy discussions! The direct exchange of ideas and perspectives on the online course leads to innovative solutions and quick implementation. Distributing tasks and working in parallel accelerates your project progress and gets you to your goal faster!

  • top moderne, automatisch durchgestylte und voll responsive Onlinekurse 
  • großartiges, integriertes zentrales Aufgaben- und Review-Management 
  • schnelle kursübergreifende Anpassungen im Design und Inhalt
  • effiziente zentrale Kommunikation im Kurserstellungsprozess 
  • integriertes Übersetzungsmanagement inkl. KI-gestützter Übersetzung
  • unbegrenzte Wiederverwendbarkeit von Lerninhalten
  • keinerlei Programmierkenntnisse notwendig
Michael Rösch

Michael Rösch

Head of Learning and Innovation, AP Gamification and Applicant Management

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The reusability and referencing of content have led to very large time savings for our company with regards to course creation. The same is true of the integrated translation logic, which greatly simplifies our work in multiple languages. Our production times are much shorter, and we are also have a tool that both has plenty of features and is easy to use.


Curious about Knowledgeworker Create?

Just sign up for free, log in and look around the tool directly



The LCMS for those who want to work professionally and efficiently


No more chaos: learning content, media, or questions you create are organized and stored centrally in a knowledge base.


Short cuts: easily create your e-learning content, get it revised and approved directly.


Sustainable: reuse and recombine content, question sets, media at any time.


Clear structures: assign roles and tasks to ensure on-time completion.


Borderless: Internationalize your e-learning content directly in the LCMS with translation management or AI-powered.


Compatible: make your online courses flexibly available online or offline in different output formats.

Martin Knapp

Martin Knapp

Team Leader—Training Design & Development

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Now that we have introduced Knowledgeworker Create, our instructional designers are free to focus on the essentials: Preparing easy-to-understand, multimedia content without being distracted by complex technical processes. The intuitive drag & drop function and the flexible settings offer a good mix of responsivity and uniformity.


Uniquely good

The LCMS with unbeatable advantages

Visualization of Responsiveness in the Authoring Tool Knowledgeworker Create

Automatically fully responsive

You create your online courses in LCMS Knowledgeworker Create, which are of course automatically fully responsive. 

Visualisierung der Kompatibilität vom Autorentool Knowledgeworker Create


Integrate whatever you want into your e-learning: Graphics, photos, images, animations, documents, audios, streamings, videos, multimedia content (HTML5 animations), digital coaching scenarios. 

Modern, engaging e-learnings thanks to learning content from experts

Templates for world-class learning design

Numerous templates, ready-made interaction elements and question sets support you in developing creative e-learning content, fitting in your corporate design based on templates.

Visualization of Rapid Authoring with the Authoring Tool Knowledgeworker Create

Fast. Faster. Rapid Authoring.

Look at fast production times and the magic of speed: using dynamic building blocks, even novice authors create high-quality, engaging e-learning content in minutes. 

Visualizing Adaptivity in E‑Learning with Knowlegeworker Create

Adaptive learning as a guarantee for success

Use the features for adaptivity of the LCMS as a booster for maximum learning success: easily make learning of individually required knowledge, at the individually right time, at individual speed possible. 

Integration possibilities of the authoring tool Knowledgeworker Create

Fully integratable

You decide whether you want to make your course available online or offline. Knowledgeworker Create complies with all modern e-learning standards such as xAPI (Tin Can), SCORM 2004 and SCORM 1.2.


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Gerrit Schüppel | E‑Learning Consultant
Gerrit Schüppel
Germany: + 49 371 49 370 153
Switzerland: +41 44 999 80 08
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Arguments. Facts. Benefits.

Commit to successful collaboration in your digital education!


This brings in different perspectives and ideas in a timely manner, resulting in more innovative and creative learning solutions. Collaborative work also encourages sharing and interaction among stakeholders, leading to stronger relationships and a positive work environment.


This minimizes the risk of data misuse or unauthorized access. By assigning roles and rights, tasks and responsibilities can be clearly defined, resulting in a more efficient way of working. In addition, you ensure that you meet your compliance requirements by determining which functions or data can be viewed or edited by which parties.


The integrated translation management allows translations to be performed consistently. Clearly, you ensure that all elements have actually been translated. In the blink of an eye, manage and update your content in all languages.


So you can reuse all content at any time and recombine it in new courses. If you make changes, revert to the original and all courses will be updated automatically.


Authors can concentrate fully on the content. Adjustments to the design take place centrally in your individual template. All existing courses are updated automatically.


Thoughtful usability thanks to user-centered development

Excellent score in independent product test

Knowledgeworker Create in independent learning content management system product test

Knowledgeworker Create was designed to be user-centric. Usability and features are tailored to your exact needs, allowing you to create online courses that hit the mark. This is confirmed by the independent product test by eLearning Journal. Particular praise was given to the good usability, which allows even beginners to get started quickly, and the possibilities for collaborative work. With 94 out of 100 points and the grade "Excellent", the test confirms that user-centered development is always worthwhile. Read in the product test how the balancing act between usability and advanced features succeeds.

Leonie Lichte

Leonie Lipka

Expert Corporate Academy

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We’ve been using Knowledgeworker Create since 2012 to design employee training sessions for all our markets—in up to 11 countries and 8 languages. The software provides consistent support for our knowledge management process and makes it easier for our in-house authors to create modern, mobile content. This adds real value for us, and is reflected in positive feedback on the learning experience as a whole.


Demo courses

Your eLearning content could look like this

Preview Online Course Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication

Preview Onlinekurs Social Engineering

Social Engineering