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OpenGraph: KAI—Artificial intelligence in Knowledgeworker Create

As of now, the optional Knowledgeworker Artificial Intelligence - in short KI-KAI - supports you with the creation of high-quality learning content in the LCMS Knowledgeworker Create. 

  • Bring new, previously unfeasible eLearning projects to life.
  • Leave time-consuming and repetitive tasks to the AI.
  • Focus on outstanding visual content.
  • Create an unimagined global reach.

9 eLearning tools that will make a positive impact on your personnel development


Choosing the right eLearning tool presents companies with major challenges. The wealth of tools available is overwhelming. Every manufacturer claims its product is the best. This creates uncertainty. You may also be concerned about incurring high costs without receiving any value in return. Ultimately, you want to know what actual added value a specific tool offers with respect to your company’s learning objectives and personnel development.

This article will help you get a clear overview of the 9 best eLearning tools. You’ll learn about the most important functions and advantages of the various options, and find out how to select the right one for your company. Plus, our additional resources will give you a deeper insight into the topic. 


What is an eLearning tool?

An eLearning tool is software or an application that helps you deliver, manage, and track educational content online. These tools enable you to offer your employees flexible and customized learning opportunities. They provide a platform on which your employees can access training content at any time and from anywhere. With eLearning tools, you can create interactive and engaging courses that help your employees acquire new knowledge and improve their existing skills. You can track their progress in real time and receive detailed reports that help you measure and optimize the success of your training measures. Using eLearning tools will help you make your personnel development more efficient and effective.


How to improve your personnel development with eLearning tools

eLearning tools enable you to optimize your personnel development in a variety of ways. They allow your employees to learn at their own pace by offering them flexible learning opportunities that can be seamlessly integrated into their daily work routines. You make your training courses interactive and appealing, which increases your employees’ motivation and engagement. You adapt the content to the specific needs and skills of your teams, creating a personalized learning experience.

In today’s fast-paced working world, technologies, processes, and best practices are constantly changing. To remain competitive, your employees must always be at the cutting edge. Continuous training not only boosts your employees’ knowledge and skills, but also their adaptability and innovative strength. Training courses help you to set company-wide standards and ensure that all employees have the same knowledge.

eLearning tools offer you the opportunity to meet this need efficiently. You can use eLearning tools to track your employees’ learning progress in real time, and provide immediate feedback. Targeted analyses enable you to identify strengths and weaknesses and adapt your training programs accordingly. You foster a culture of continuous employee training, and thus strengthen your team’s skills and competencies. With eLearning tools, you can increase the efficiency of your training measures and actively contribute to your employees’ development and satisfaction. This ensures that your company is always ready to master new challenges and take advantage of opportunities.


What are the advantages of working with eLearning tools?

Using eLearning tools improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your personnel development. You establish a learning culture that prioritizes employee training and strengthens your organization against future challenges. Working with eLearning tools gives you the following advantages:

  • Flexibility 

You give your employees the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere. This helps them balance work and training.

  • Cost-effectiveness

You reduce travel costs and minimize downtime as your employees can learn flexibly.

  • Personalization

You create customized learning paths and content tailored to the individual needs and skills of your employees.

  • Scalability

You can easily scale your training programs and adapt them to your company’s growth.

  • Measurability

You can use detailed reports and analyses to precisely track learning progress and the success of your training measures.

  • Engagement

You make your training courses interactive and appealing, which increases your employees’ motivation and engagement.

  • Accessibility

You give your employees easy access to a wide range of learning content and resources to support them in their professional development.

  • Standardization

You ensure that all employees receive the same information and reach the same standards, regardless of their location.


What types of eLearning tool are there?

There are several different types of eLearning tool, each covering different needs and learning styles. Which one you need depends on your training requirements, your training strategy, and the resources available. Here are some of the most important eLearning tools used in companies. 


LMS (learning management system)/learning platform

A learning management system (LMS), also known as a learning platform, is a comprehensive system for managing, documenting, tracking, and delivering your online courses. An LMS acts as the central hub for all your training activities. It’s where you create and manage course content, track learner progress, and generate detailed reports. Even face-to-face sessions and event management can be covered by an LMS.  

In addition, an LMS offers you functions such as discussion forums, tests, and certifications. You benefit from centralized administration, which simplifies training planning and ensures the consistency of training content.


LXP—an eLearning tool for a self-directed learning experience

Learning experience platforms (LXPs) provide a user-centric learning environment that enables employees to engage in self-directed learning and discover content that aligns with their interests and career goals.

LXPs use artificial intelligence to create personalized learning paths and suggest relevant content. They foster a culture of continuous learning by providing learners with access to a variety of training resources, including videos, articles, and courses. With an LXP, you strengthen self-directed learning and foster your employees’ ability to use their initiative.


Authoring tool—an eLearning tool for course creation

Authoring tools (or LCMSs) enable you to create your own eLearning courses. These eLearning tools offer user-friendly interfaces and templates that enable even non-technical people to develop professional training content. Authoring tools offer a variety of interactions, templates, and design options to help you create engaging and interactive courses—even without any programming knowledge. They support responsive eLearning designs that look good on a wide range of devices. Authoring tools enable you to develop customized training content that is precisely tailored to the needs of your employees.


eLearning tools for scenario-based learning

With an eLearning tool for scenario-based learning, you can offer your learners immersive learning environments in which they navigate through real-life scenarios, acquiring practical skills along the way. These tools simulate complex work situations and dialogs, and enable learners to make decisions and experience their effects in a safe environment. They foster your employees’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills and prepare them for real-life challenges.


eLearning tools for flashcards

Flashcard apps offer a simple and effective method of repeating and consolidating knowledge. These eLearning tools use the principle of spaced repetition, in which learning content is repeated at increasing intervals to strengthen long-term memory. You can create digital flashcards and organize them by topic or level of difficulty. Using flashcard tools helps your employees learn and remember facts and definitions efficiently.


How to choose the right eLearning tool for your company

Choosing the right eLearning tool depends on various factors, including your specific training needs, your budget, and your company’s technical infrastructure. Consider the following when selecting a tool:

  • Functionality: Which functions do you need? Do you need a comprehensive LMS or would a simple authoring tool be sufficient?
  • User-friendliness: Is the tool intuitive and easy to use?
  • Scalability: Can the tool grow with your company?
  • Integration: Can the tool be easily integrated into your existing systems?
  • Support: What kind of support does the provider offer?

We’ve put together some resources to help you find the right eLearning tool for your needs.


How do I find the right eLearning tool for course creation?

In principle, all authoring tools have similar features that support the creation of online courses. Nevertheless, there are significant differences in the performance and functionality of these eLearning tools. 

Before you decide on an eLearning tool for creating your courses, you first have to define your requirements and goals precisely. Think about what kind of content you want to create and what specific functions and interactions you need. Determine which target group you want to reach and how the tool should be integrated into your existing systems. Also consider user-friendliness, flexibility, and the support options available. By clearly formulating your requirements, you’ll ensure that the eLearning tool you choose is the best fit for your needs and will help you create high-quality and effective eLearning content.

Mockup Authoring tool consultation

Use our free tool finder to find the right eLearning authoring tool for you

No long, drawn-out searches, no uncertainty. Conduct a free virtual needs analysis yourself. You’ll answer 18 pivotal questions and get a visual comparison of which authoring tool—Lectora, Articulate, or Knowledgeworker Create—meets your needs. In just 15 minutes, we’ll give you a customized recommendation. Direct, free of charge and effective.


Tool comparison

Banner comparison authoring software
Visualization of authoring software comparison in e-learning

The ultimate authoring tool comparison

Articulate 360, Lectora, and Knowledgeworker Create under the microscope

This comparison about 3 different authoring tools in e-learning will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different authoring tools and thus make the right choice for your own company. You will find out which authoring tool fits best to your needs and to the needs of your employees due to its features and thus makes the learning process more effective and efficient.


How do I find the right eLearning tool to manage my learning content?

In addition to the basic functions, there are other specific requirements you should consider when selecting an LMS. You want to ensure that your employees have up-to-date knowledge at all times in order to bolster the company’s success and competitiveness. You therefore need to focus on the learners’ needs so you can effectively support their professional training and individual development. Focusing on these aspects will increase your attractiveness as an employer and share company knowledge in a way that is ideally suited to your business, your corporate culture, and your employees.

How you prepare and communicate the knowledge depends on the individual needs of your company and your employees. The ways in which your employees learn can vary greatly and are often very individual. When choosing the right eLearning tool, you should not only consider the company’s requirements, but also those of your learners. Ultimately, your employees are going to be the ones working with the tool and benefiting from it. As a company, you want to generate the greatest possible response and ensure that your employees are open to and engaged with the idea of training. So it’s worth taking a closer look at your employees’ requirements.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are my employees Internet-savvy and familiar with modern technology?
  • Do my employees value mutual support and discussion in the learning process?
  • Will it be sufficient to provide my employees with theoretical knowledge, or will I need to offer practical workshops as well?
  • Can the online courses be integrated into the working day?
  • Do we have sufficient devices available?


These questions will help you reconcile your employees’ various requirements with those of the company. At the same time, decide whether adaptive learning approaches should be taken into account, whether the system needs to support social interaction, and whether gamification approaches could boost your employees’ learning outcomes.

These answers will bring you closer to a decision on your eLearning tool. By taking into account both the company-specific requirements and the needs of your learners, you will find the right tool to effectively support your personnel development.



Banner checklist learning management system eLearning
Banner checklist learning management system elearning

Checklist: It’s easy to find the right learning management system

Over 40 useful features and functions

This checklist allows you to identify the key criteria for your learning management system and set down your individual requirements. Use the checklist to make sure that you have not forgotten any important aspects, then look at your individual requirements catalog.


eLearning tool consultation

When choosing the right eLearning tool, it can be extremely helpful to seek advice from experts. Experts have extensive experience in the field of eLearning and have carried out many successful implementations for a variety of customers over the years. They know the typical stumbling blocks and how to avoid them. With their expertise and practical knowledge, they can help you find the optimum solution for your specific needs. You benefit from their insights into best practices and thus avoid mistakes that could otherwise cost you time and resources.

Our experts offer you not only technical expertise, but also strategic advice. They analyze your requirements in detail and help you select the eLearning tools that best suit your company and your learning objectives. They also support you in integrating the tools into your existing system landscape, and help you develop customized training programs that are tailored to the individual learning needs of your employees.

We offer a free initial consultation to ensure you select the best eLearning tool for your personnel development needs. Simply make an appointment using our online form and let our experienced consultants help you choose the right software. Take this opportunity to benefit from our many years of experience and extensive expertise, and successfully implement your eLearning initiatives.


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The 9 top eLearning tools for your personnel development

Choosing the right eLearning tool has a significant impact on the success of your personnel development measures. You should be looking for a solution that meets your specific requirements, motivates your employees, and conveys the learning content effectively. We’ve put together a selection of the best eLearning tools to help you strategically expand, support, and effectively advance your personnel development. 

Each of these eLearning tools offers unique benefits tailored to different needs and company sizes. Whether you’re a small company looking for a simple and cost-effective solution or a large one with complex requirements, you’ll find the right tool here.

Articulate eLearning tool logo

Articulate 360: eLearning tool for small businesses

With this eLearning tool, you can create appealing online courses quickly using a wide range of templates. Easily add interactions, quizzes, and other learning activities to actively engage your learners. It also provides effective support for both the review process and for evaluating learning progress. It enables you to track and evaluate your learners’ performance and progress seamlessly. Articulate 360 combines all the tools needed to create online courses quickly and effectively, and is particularly suitable for small companies.

Lectora authoring tool

Lectora: The eLearning tool for SMEs

With Lectora, you get an eLearning tool that enables you to create engaging and interactive learning content in just a few steps. Your digital content can be displayed and completed on wide range of devices and screen sizes. With Lectora, you can create eLearning courses, tests, and product presentations that will inspire your learners. Whether you work alone or as a team, Lectora is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized companies in particular.

Knowledgeworker Create logo

Knowledgeworker Create: eLearning tool for medium-sized and large companies

Knowledgeworker Create is a powerful eLearning authoring tool that enables you to create professional and interactive learning content efficiently. In addition to making it a piece of cake to create responsive online courses, Knowledgeworker Create also boasts translation management features, a collaborative workflow, and the integrated AI tool KI-KAI, which supports you in the authoring process. 

Knowledgeworker Create supports you in making your eLearning courses a unique experience, and is particularly suitable for all companies that require flexible and customized learning solutions. 

Knowledgeworker Share eLearning tool logo

Knowledgeworker Share: eLearning tool specialist

Knowledgeworker Share is a lean, fast, and user-friendly eLearning tool that is widely regarded as a specialist among learning management systems. It offers functions and features that have been specifically designed to optimize the learning and evaluation process. It is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies that operate both nationally and internationally. Companies that want to carry out focused or selective learning processes in particular benefit from the efficiency and precision of this eLearning tool.

eFront eLearning tool logo

eFront: eLearning tool all-rounder

eFront is a corporate eLearning tool specifically designed to support sophisticated and complex learning ecosystems. It serves as a central organizational tool for effective eLearning, event management, and optional competency management. With eFront, you can manage customized learning content, monitor learning progress, and generate detailed reports. Due to its flexibility, eFront is particularly suitable for companies with complex and varied learning requirements.

eLearning tools from Cornerstone logo

Cornerstone SBX/CSX: eLearning tool for professionals

Use this eLearning tool to offer your employees further development opportunities throughout the entire employee life cycle: from onboarding to on-the-job training, and upskilling to individual learning paths. Cornerstone grows with your needs and can be expanded on a modular basis to include performance management, recruitment, onboarding, HR, compliance management, talent management, and skills management. With seamless integration into other systems and access to content from 200 premium partners, Cornerstone provides a centralized platform for managing, assigning, automating, and monitoring all training at your company. Use flexible learning workflows and offer personalized, brand-specific experiences to increase productivity and efficiency.

EdCast eLearning tool logo

EdCast by Cornerstone: eLearning tool for AI-supported learning worlds

With EdCast by Cornerstone, you can offer your employees a modern learning experience platform (LXP) that provides personalized and AI-supported learning content. The platform supports self-directed learning and enables knowledge to be acquired through customized learning paths and relevant content. EdCast integrates seamlessly with other systems and provides access to an extensive library of premium content. Use social learning features and gamification to increase employee engagement and continuously develop learners’ skills. EdCast helps you meet your organization’s learning needs while creating an inspiring and connected learning experience.

Knowledgeworker Coach eLearning tool logo

Knowledgeworker Coach: eLearning tool for immersive scenario simulations

Integrate the Knowledgeworker Coach eLearning tool into your personnel development and strengthen your employees’ social and soft skills in a fun, sustainable, and flexible way. With Knowledgeworker Coach, your employees learn how to behave correctly in various situations using dialog-based scenarios. Teach them how to deliver convincing sales pitches and provide helpful advice, or develop their de-escalation skills to help them deal with customer complaints. Empower your employees to fully empathize with new situations and learn from the consequences without tedious role-playing. Benefit from all the advantages of behavioral training with Knowledgeworker Coach, your ideal sparring partner for successful holistic coaching.

Knowledgeworker Cards eLearning tool logo

Knowledgeworker Cards: eLearning tool for creating flashcards

With the Knowledgeworker Cards eLearning tool, you can supplement your training strategy with small, flexible learning units that your employees will quickly absorb through targeted repetition and regular, short learning times. The mobile flashcard app lowers stress levels, maximizes enjoyment, and optimizes long-term learning outcomes through microlearning. Benefit from tried-and-tested learning methods transformed into a digital format. Gamification elements increase learners’ intrinsic motivation and engagement, which has a positive effect on learning outcomes. Spaced repetition ensures that knowledge is retained over the long term. With just a few minutes a day, your employees will achieve amazing results and the app will become an indispensable daily companion that can be used anytime, anywhere.


The bottom line on the eLearning tools

eLearning tools support and enrich your personnel development by offering flexible, customized, and efficient learning solutions. You are now familiar with the full spectrum, and know that different eLearning tools are suitable for different company sizes and requirements.

We’ve presented a selection of the best eLearning tools. Each offers unique features and benefits that can support and optimize your personnel development. Whether you’re a small business or a medium-sized company, choosing the right eLearning tool is the first step to achieving your goals.

Let our experienced eLearning consultants advise you on finding the right eLearning tool for your specific requirements. We’ll help you identify the best and most sensible solution—because you probably don’t need an S-Class when an A-Class meets your requirements. Make an appointment and benefit from our free initial consultation. Together, we’ll find the eLearning tool that fits your company perfectly.

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