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Create eLearning courses faster with AI

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As of now, the optional Knowledgeworker Artificial Intelligence - in short KI-KAI - supports you with the creation of high-quality learning content in the LCMS Knowledgeworker Create. 

  • Bring new, previously unfeasible eLearning projects to life.
  • Leave time-consuming and repetitive tasks to the AI.
  • Focus on outstanding visual content.
  • Create an unimagined global reach.

These personnel development measures will make your company fit for the future


Skilled labor shortages and demographic change are currently threatening our economy more than ever. Companies are finding it difficult to fill vacancies and are investing a lot of money in recruiting. But there is an alternative that can solve many problems in the short to medium term: with clever personnel development measures, you can train your employees to become the specialists you need. Train competencies and soft skills, impart new expertise and develop leaders. Discover effective personnel development measures that will make your company fit for the future.


Digital workforce development activities

Providing employees with timely training

Personnel development measures aim to further develop the competencies, knowledge and skills of your employees. This continuous (further) development maintains the competitiveness of your company and strengthens you in the fight against skilled labor shortage. It increases the motivation and performance of your employees and ensures that valuable knowledge is retained in the company. 

The world of work has changed dramatically in recent years. Many processes now take place digitally, employees work hybrid or completely remotely, and working hours are becoming increasingly flexible. These changes are also having an impact on personnel development. In the past, large classroom training sessions, printed learning materials, or training at far-flung locations were required. But thanks to digitization and new digital processes, this has changed.

Personnel development now also takes place digitally and hybrid learning is gaining in importance. Flexibility and individuality are the focus. Digital methods allow you to tailor your HR development to the individual needs of your employees, making training more efficient and successful.


E-Learning - digital personnel development with a future

Digitally addressing the skilled labor shortage

The foundation for many successful workforce development efforts is e-learning. Use technology to shift from costly classroom training to flexible learning. Give your employees the freedom to drive their own development. Provide them with access to high-quality online courses, check knowledge levels, and document and analyze learning outcomes in an audit-proof manner.



  • flexible learning from anywhere
  • self-paced & motivating
  • easy success monitoring and documentation
  • didactically effective
  • cost-efficient


  • Content production can take a lot of time

Create digital learning content that fits your organization and your employees' needs. Generate attention and motivation, attractive and didactically effective online courses. Numerous E-Learning Software makes it easier for you to use e-learning effectively. We are happy to assist you in implementing e-learning in your company and creating high-quality learning content.


Mentoring in the enterprise

Knowledge transfer as a successful personnel development measure

Mentoring involves a transfer of knowledge between a mentor and a person who wants to develop (mentee). Mentoring is a common personnel development measure for the development of managers. However, it is also suitable as part of the onboarding process to welcome new employees to the company. When training young professionals or dual students, mentoring can provide support to successfully integrate young people into the workforce.



  • Quick knowledge and experience transfer
  • Knowledge stays in the company
  • Increases employee retention
  • Cost-efficient


  • Time-intensive (especially for mentors)
  • Holds potential for conflict if mentor and mentee are not a good match

Good mentoring can also be easily replicated digitally. E-learning, video chats and asynchronous communication make it possible. Use mentoring as an effective personnel development measure and build your own mentoring program. The only requirements are: Trust and respect, open communication, clear goals and responsibility on the part of mentors and mentees.


Scenario-based learning

Immersive and hands-on learning

Harness the power of gamification and teach soft skills in an innovative and effective way. With scenario-based learning, they create realistic simulations to train, for example, sales conversations or other everyday situations. Instead of practicing the right behavior in awkward role plays, your employees can use the virtual conversation trainer to improve their communication skills.



[Translate to English:]

  • flexibel und skalierbar
  • motivierende Gamification-Elemente für Spaß beim Lernen
  • vertrauensvolles Training mit simulierten Gesprächspartnern
  • immersive und realistische Situationen mit direktem Praxisbezug
  • Ergebnisse sind messbar, bewertbar und leicht zu vergleichen


  • Requires additional software
  • Content can become very complex

Simulated conversations and situations are very effective and open up new possibilities when planning your staff development activities. With Knowledgeworker Coach you can create immersive scenarios in a few simple steps. Try our demo scenarios and explore the many possibilities of scenario-based learning in staff development.


The Best of Both Worlds - Blended Learning

Combine online and offline in a workforce development activity

Blended learning refers to a learning method that uses a combination of traditional face-to-face instruction and digital learning formats. It thus integrates the best of both worlds by combining the use of physical meetings and virtual learning environments. Offer your learners a mix of face-to-face sessions and online learning activities. For example, face-to-face instruction can take the form of workshops, seminars, or discussion groups, while the online component is delivered through e-learning platforms, virtual classrooms, or Web-based content.



  • Flexibility and customization to individual needs
  • Various learning experience
  • Very efficient
  • Social component ensures well-being


  • Appointment coordination for face-to-face meetings  
  • Additional travel costs for widely distributed teams

Focus on being as hands-on and team-oriented as possible in face-to-face meetings. Refrain from frontal teaching. Theoretical content is best conveyed in the e-learning modules. Give your employees time for reflection and discussion.


Microlearning - Staff development activity to snack on

Snappy short learning units for sustainable knowledge

With microlearning, you offer your employees small, easily "digestible" learning morsels to impart specific knowledge or skills. As a rule, this HR development measure involves short and focused learning units, usually presented in the form of videos, infographics, quizzes or short texts. Divide the learning material into easy-to-understand portions to make learning more efficient and less overwhelming. The so-called microlearnings can be consumed flexibly on all kinds of devices and regardless of location.



  • Flexible in time and location
  • Easily digestible units do not overwhelm and have a motivating effect
  • Easily personalized
  • Fast learning success


  • difficult to convey complex relationships

Microlearning is an excellent measure that can be combined with other personnel development measures. The short learning units are particularly suitable for deepening and repeating knowledge that has already been learned. By combining them with gamification, motivating learning games can be created. By using flashcards, you ensure that the knowledge remains in people's minds for a long time.


Mobile Learning

The workforce development activity from your pocket

Give your employees mobile devices like smartphones or tablets to learn or allow them to use personal devices. Provide learning content that is optimized for mobile use. Mobile learning gives your learners a flexible and personalized learning experience. You can use learning content in short learning situations, such as during breaks, commutes, or free moments. Varied formats such as videos, interactive exercises, podcasts or e-books can be used.



  • interactive, accessible and flexible
  • learning unbound by time and space
  • multimedia
  • fits in any pocket


  • already existing content may not be optimized for mobile devices
  • partial acquisition cost for mobile devices

Mobile learning gives your employees maximum flexibility. Whether on the sofa, on the train, or even at the beach - mobile learning is possible anywhere. Smartphones fit in every pocket and are already part of most people's everyday lives. Open up new opportunities for lifelong learning and professional development for your employees. 


The bottom line.

Digital personnel development measures make your company future-proof. They train your employees to become specialists using flexible, modern methods. At the same time, you offer maximum freedom for self-determined learning. A concept that has proven to be very effective. 

We are happy to support you in the implementation, execution and analysis of your personnel development measures. Get an offer tailored to your needs and benefit from the advantages of digital training.

Nadine Pedro
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Nadine Pedro
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