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eLearning as a key to successful compliance management

How to make your compliance measures more efficient, secure and innovative

E-learning as a key to successful compliance management
E-learning as a key to successful compliance management
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Gain trust, build reputation and create security with compliance management

With smart compliance management, you can ensure that you comply with all legal regulations, standards and ethical principles with and in your company in order to avoid legal violations, liability and image damage. Map all measures, structures, content and processes in one tool to ensure your compliance. Gain the trust of your customers, employees, and investors by complying with relevant regulations, and protect your reputation.

Risk minimization and liability reduction

Risk mitigation and liability reduction

With professional compliance management, you minimize risks and reduce liability exposure. You ensure that all legal regulations and standards are adhered to.

Protecting your reputation and trust

Protect your reputation and trust

You ensure that your company adheres to ethical principles and legal requirements and uses transparent business practices. You protect your good reputation and the trust of customers, employees and investors.

Avoiding penalties and sanctions

Avoiding penalties and sanctions

Avoid penalties and sanctions and ensure your financial stability. Professional compliance management helps you identify and avoid potential risks before they lead to serious problems.

Tina Roth (Fressnapf)

Tina Roth

Expert Corporate Academy

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In the many years of cooperation between Fressnapf and chemmedia AG, I have particularly come to appreciate the reliable, solution-oriented and fast implementation. Regardless of whether it is a matter of short-term individual solutions or large-scale, multi-layered projects, we have always arrived at a professional and timely result.


Case study

checklist learning management system elearning
checklist learning management system elearning

From 0 to 100 in just four months

How an international automotive group digitalized its worldwide compliance training in just four months.


Safe and effective: centralized compliance management

Management. Monitoring. Documentation. Evaluation.

Rely on features such as risk assessment, compliance violation monitoring, document management, education and training, reporting, and audit management. Respond quickly to breaches and take immediate, rapidly actionable steps to mitigate risk.

Smart Workflows

Smart Workflows

Enable your employees to access training easily by automating assignments based on their roles. This will save you time and resources and ensure that every employee receives the relevant training. Automation also minimizes errors and increases efficiency.

Modern learning content

Modern Learning Content

Design and manage your compliance training according to your individual needs and ideas with customized learning content in an intuitive self-service environment. Impart knowledge effectively and in a timely manner. Interactive modules and real-life examples anchor the knowledge sustainably in the minds of your employees.

Audit Trail Report

Audit Trail Report

Reduce risk by using compliance and audit trail tracking as a valid source of evidence of regulatory compliance. The data provided is reliable, meaningful, and accessible to all relevant stakeholders. 

Very high course completion rates

Very high course completion rates

Inspire your employees with timely and fully responsive learning content in a variety of designs. Make compliance training flexible and let employees decide the space, time, and place of learning, and watch your completion rates soar.


From zero to heroic

Working together for successful compliance management

Together for successful compliance management

We stand for customized and effective knowledge management. We ensure that your compliance management becomes simple, efficient and audit-proof. With our innovative ideas, concepts and content as well as our international experience in training management, we make your team fit for agile and efficient collaboration. We find the software solution that fits you and your requirements. For more than two decades, we have been successfully contributing our e-learning expertise and inspiring our customers with our software solutions as well as our full-service offering in the areas of consulting, content creation and managed training services. We have already provided numerous companies with the basis for their compliance management and have continued to develop it together.


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Gerrit Schüppel
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