Knowledge-based companies such as Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Google have in recent years developed into the most valuable companies in the world. They have succeeded in using knowledge as a raw material to generate added value. In contrast to other raw materials, knowledge can be stored and transferred, and it grows with use.

Our consultants will show you how new methods of knowledge transfer and usage can lead to high profits, increase the value of your company, and how you can use knowledge to improve your company results.

Our methods will get your products onto the market quicker and help you roll out new standards and processes worldwide within a few weeks. Error rates can be reduced in a measurable and sustainable way and implementation speeds dramatically increased.

This allows you to motivate employees, partners and customers on a continuous basis.

With our help, you can network internal and external knowledge carriers in social learning environments and provide knowledge independent of time and place on every type of mobile device – including notebooks, smartphones and tablet PCs – to increase the speed of knowledge sharing.

When you recruit, promote and train young executives, we are there to support you. We also provide performance management methods for planning, supporting and measuring the employee's contribution to corporate success.