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eLearning consulting to give you a competitive edge

Modern, tailor-made personnel development to enhance long-term business value.

eLearning consulting to give you a competitive edge
eLearning consulting to give you a competitive edge
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A fresh take on personnel development

The road to digital training.

Who includes personnel development on their journey?

The world is changing. The digital transformation, long an integral part of many companies, continues apace, opening up new areas. Personnel development faces the challenge of managing its own transformation, because the employees themselves have long since arrived in the digital world. But who actually includes personnel development on the journey? It often has to contend with rigid processes that are purely reactive and prevent a proactive approach. Developing your own digital expertise seems like an insurmountable task. And how can you develop your own employees properly when those in charge are too far removed to know what their staff do day to day? 

eLearning consulting to combat outdated and rigid processes

Rigid & outdated processes

eLearning consulting for better digital skills

Lack of digital skills

eLearning consulting that pays attention to your employees’ day-to-day business

Far removed from employees’ day-to-day business

Cut costs with eLearning consulting

Virtually no budget


Time for new paths in personnel development

Revolutionize your personnel development with digital training & eLearning

Revolutionize personnel development through eLearning consulting

Rethink personnel development! Give your employees the knowledge they need ‒ how they need it, and, most importantly, when they need it. Create scope for self-directed learning and experiences, because that is what employees strive for. Put their needs, their advice and support, at the center of your work. Create the right learning environment.

Be an education provider that crafts and implements opportunities for further development. Be the facilitator that develops skills for self-directed learning and shapes the general working environment. Become a project manager who brings external providers on board, plans partnerships and liaises between internal departments and external supporters. 


Develop your skills further

Become a learning guide through eLearning consulting

Become a learning guide, knowledge broker and self-help assistant.

Become an expert in digitalization thanks to eLearning consulting

Become an expert in digitalization and gain more skills with new methods and tools.

Revolutionize personnel development with eLearning consulting

Revolutionize your personnel development with an efficient, effective and modern approach.

Get closer to your employees with eLearning consulting

Get closer to your employees by learning more about their requirements and day-to-day working life.

Making success measurable thanks to eLearning consulting

Present measurable accomplishments to management.

A modern learning culture through eLearning consulting

Establish a modern learning culture that has a lasting impact on your business success.


Accept a helping hand

eLearning consulting with a holistic training strategy

eLearning consulting with a holistic training strategy

We support you just as you support your employees! Be empowered to take your staff forward and make a lasting contribution to the company’s success. Build on 360° consulting from strategy and content through to technology and learning and business success. Forget about various expensive, standalone measures, and turn to an effective strategy that focuses on long-term, individual skills development and specialist training.

We are careful to respect your budget and help you create a solid foundation that you can build on piece by piece. Step by step, go your own way ‒ with us by your side. 


With digital training, you look to the future for

eLearning consulting for happy employees

Happy employees

eLearning consulting to reduce staff turnover

Lower employee turnover

In-house specialists thanks to holistic eLearning consulting

In-house specialists

Strategically applicable knowledge with our eLearning consulting

Knowledge you can apply strategically

eLearning consulting for a progressive, forward-looking image

Progressive image

Audit-proof results thanks to holistic eLearning consulting

Audit-proof results


Our understanding

We are chemmedia AG
chemmedia AG: We are chemmedia

We are architects, craftspeople, and artisans. We are chemmedia.

From small and down-to-earth to complex and innovative.

Our solution for your digital training project is always based around your circumstances, your general conditions, and your wishes. We put your eLearning project on a solid footing and continue to build on it, entirely as befits your goals and requirements. Step by step. And with you setting the pace.


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Gerrit Schüppel
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