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eLearning software that suits you

Keep developing your employees - without losing sight of your company’s goals.

eLearning software that works for you
eLearning software that works for you
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The key competitive advantage

Are you ready for personnel development 4.0?

Forward-looking personnel development happens online and decentrally. Digitalization has long since arrived in the world of performance and skills development. To stay competitive long-term, you have to move with the times. There are plenty of software solutions on the market to help you do just that, but only a handful will be compatible with your corporate goals. They’re either too big or too small, and much too complex for beginners to grasp all the finer details. But the right eLearning software product can turn your employees into skilled workers and managers over the long term and be an indispensable aid to your business.

No long, costly processes for eLearning software

Long, costly processes

Put an end to unsuitable services for eLearning software

Unsuitable, wrongly sized products

No more bloated, unintuitive eLearning solutions

Bloated, unintuitive tools

Scalable eLearning software solutions

Not scalable


Find your eLearning solution match

4.0 is the magic number

Responsive eLearning solutions for successful personnel development 4.0

Find the eLearning solution that works for you. Get a quote that has been custom-built to your specific needs. Leading global providers and top-rate services are waiting to hear from you. Whether authoring tools, LCMS, LMS or gamification apps, the right eLearning tools can help you conquer the demands of personnel development 4.0. Our experienced consultants will only recommend thoroughly road-tested eLearning software solutions that have been adopted by companies of all shapes and sizes. 

You don’t have to be an IT whizz to put your eLearning software to efficient use. Focus on your employees and put your trust in tools that have been cherry-picked to best fit your workflow and your learning and leadership culture.


eLearning software solutions

Strong providers for solutions that pack a punch

Knowledgeworker Suite
ELB Lectora suite

A passion for learning rather than a software headache

The right eLearning software gives you room to focus on the essentials

You focus on your strategy and don’t have to put up with expensive software that doesn’t work

Effective learning environments thanks to the right eLearning solutions

You create effective, inspiring learning environments and achieve your company goals in record time

eLearning software solutions with added value

Get eLearning tools and training technologies that are more than just a puffed-up version of PowerPoint.

Modern learning methods thanks to the right eLearning software

You use modern teaching and learning methods rather than tedious seminars or generic online courses.

Seasoned consultants help you find the eLearning software that’s right for you.

You benefit from the experience of competent eLearning consultants instead of spending your valuable time searching endlessly for a suitable solution


User-centered thinking

Suitable solutions instead of bad investments


Where will your eLearning journey take you?

We’ll help you on your way to choosing the right eLearning software

eLearning software for creating online courses.

I’d like to create attractive and effective online courses

Are you looking for a way to create appealing online courses in just a few clicks, without the need for any programming expertise? Then you should check out an LCMS (learning content management system) or an authoring tool.

eLearning software for rolling out, tracking, and evaluating training.

I’d like to roll out, track, and evaluate my online training

Manage your courses and learning data from a central point, set up space for discussion and lively exchange, and create evaluations and reports.  An LMS (learning management system) is the perfect interface between you and your learners.

eLearning software for scenario-based learning

I’d like to train my staff on how to handle conversations and conflict situations

Scenario-based learning is great for training soft skills, decision-making and leadership competence. Digital coaching enables you to include role-plays and represent everyday situations on a digital platform, so learners get instant feedback.

Learning Record Store eLearning solution

I’d like to store and evaluate learning data from a variety of sources.

Gather data from various learner experiences in one place with the aid of xAPI and share it with other applications. A Learning Record Store (LRS) serves as a central database and forms the core of your xAPI “ecosystem”

eLearning gamification solutions

I’d like to bring some fun to the learning experience

Gamification apps are a unique way of incorporating fun and games into your learning content Quizzes, flashcards or an exciting scenario—the choice depends on what your learners actually need.

eLearning software consulting if you’re still undecided

I’m still not sure which software solution is right for me

Are you still wondering which eLearning software product would be the right fit for you and your company? Take advantage of our free consulting service for a quote that is tailored precisely to your individual needs.


Long-term planning security thanks to skilled professionals.

Forward-looking training thanks to digital learning programs

Forward-looking training thanks to digital learning programs

A good range of training services will help you build the workforce of the future—today. The right eLearning software gives you more time to spend on what’s really important: actively supporting your employees. This helps you create the optimum conditions for an effective, modern workflow in your personnel development. You’ll also benefit from motivated, well-trained skilled workers who are happy to stay at your company and proactive about applying their knowledge. 

Do away with expensive face-to-face events and outmoded training situations. Save on printed documents that vanish into a drawer, never to be read. Embark on your training project or add digital content to your current offering equipped with the right eLearning solution: Innovative, modern, professional.


Software solutions

eLearning software for your personnel development
eLearning software for your personnel development

eLearning software for your personnel development.

The digital answer to the skilled worker shortage and increasing staff turnover.

Find the software that works for you and reap the benefits of digital personnel development.  We recommend a package of selected eLearning solutions and provide a quote that is in tune with you and your budget: agile, scalable and cost-effective.


Arrange a non-binding consultation!

Together we will find a solution that suits you.

Gerrit Schüppel | E‑Learning Consultant
Gerrit Schüppel
Germany: + 49 371 49 370 153
Switzerland: +41 44 999 80 08
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