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Create eLearning courses faster with AI

OpenGraph: KAI—Artificial intelligence in Knowledgeworker Create

As of now, the optional Knowledgeworker Artificial Intelligence - in short KI-KAI - supports you with the creation of high-quality learning content in the LCMS Knowledgeworker Create. 

  • Bring new, previously unfeasible eLearning projects to life.
  • Leave time-consuming and repetitive tasks to the AI.
  • Focus on outstanding visual content.
  • Create an unimagined global reach.

Microlearning with flashcards

With Knowledgeworker Cards, you can use bitesize chunks of knowledge to help employees achieve the results you want fast—with a flexible, simple and proven technique

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Effective learningGamification for greater motivationProven learning methodCombines well with other techniquesQuick to createAdaptive learning

A valuable addition to your personnel development strategy

Share, expand and test knowledge anytime, anywhere

Take advantage of proven learning methods and transfer them to a digital format easily. With Knowledgeworker Cards, you can supplement your staff training strategy with small, flexible learning units. Through targeted repetition and regular, short learning sessions, your learners memorize the content even faster. Reduce stress levels, maximize enjoyment and optimize long-term learning success through microlearning with this mobile flashcard app, specifically designed for business use.

Increased willingness to learn through gamification

Long-term motivation

The gamification elements of digital flashcards increase your learners’ intrinsic motivation while also boosting engagement, which in turn has a positive effect on learning outcomes.

Long-term knowledge retention through gamification.

Lasting knowledge retention

Optimize your learners’ long-term knowledge retention. Spaced repetition—i.e. repeating the learning material at longer and longer intervals—ensures the knowledge remains in the learners’ memory in the long term. 

Save time with the right LCMS

Low effort, big impact

Your employees can achieve amazing results in just a few minutes a day. The flashcard app becomes part of their daily routine, as it can be used anytime, anywhere.


Long-term knowledge retention instead of cramming

Use Knowledgeworker Cards to convey knowledge in a short, succinct, and memorable way

Short learning units can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Flashcards give you the flexibility to integrate learning into what may already be a stressful workday. They also offer great opportunities to support your employees in solving acute problems. And all this while still being fun to use and achieving lasting results. 


Accelerated learning, faster results, more fun

Give your personnel development strategy an extra boost with microlearning. Short, practical learning units improve understanding of more complex topics and increase your learners’ levels of intrinsic motivation. Continuous repetition leads to long-term knowledge retention and prevents knowledge gaps from forming. Flashcards are a low-pressure form of learning that works particularly well alongside online courses or scenarios based on specific topics. Give your employees an extra opportunity to improve their professional skills in a self-motivated way.

  • Effective learning with small, repeatable units
  • Flexible learning units that integrate smoothly into your daily routine
  • Greater motivation through a gamified approach
  • Perfect addition to your eLearning concept
  • Intuitive question creation in Knowledgeworker Create
  • Analysis and reporting for better support

Try it out

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The flashcard app for microlearning

Pass on knowledge in a short, pithy, and particularly memorable way

The flashcard app allows you to make knowledge available to your employees in very small units via digital flashcards, delivering knowledge efficiently and ensuring learners will retain it. 


Achieving success with bitesize knowledge units

How Knowledgeworker Cards complements your eLearning strategy

Mobile learning from anywhere

Mobile learning from anywhere

The flashcard app can be used on any standard mobile device. Whether the learner is in the office, on the shop floor, or on the couch at home.



Internationalize your flashcards in just a few clicks. Knowledgeworker Create’s integrated translation management tool makes it easy. 

Knowledge management made easy

Knowledge management made easy

Store your flashcards with the associated questions and answers in a central database. This enables you to use your content in different categories and applications with no additional effort.



Harness your learners’ natural play instincts to increase motivation and ambition. Microlearning has almost addictive potential. Your employees will never want to stop learning.

Recognition and corporate design

Recognition and corporate design

Encourage your employees to identify more with your company. Knowledgeworker Cards lets you add your branding to your eLearning materials.

Visualization of adaptivity in eLearning with Knowledgeworker Create

Adaptive learning

Any questions your learners struggle with are repeated; the content adapts to their level of knowledge.


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