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It’s easy to digitalize your personnel development with a learning platform

Auditable. Intuitive. GDPR compliant.

Learning platform (LMS)
Learning platform (LMS)

Bin the filing cabinets!

Allocating, evaluating and managing your training has never been easier.

Do you still store your training certificates, documents and evaluations the old way in bulging folders? Do you still send out learning content by email, put it on storage media, and arrange face-to-face training sessions? Do you find it hard to keep all your employees’ competencies, knowledge, and soft skills in view at the same time? A suitable Learning Management System, a learning platform for your training activities, can take you one step further in the world of personnel development 4.0: say good-bye to bulging folders, complicated documentation systems, and a lack of evaluations.


Manage training digitally

Learning platforms as a strong tool for personnel development

Saba Cornerstone SBX
Knowledgeworker Share

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Preview the Knowledgeworker Share Learning Management System
Preview the Knowledgeworker Share Learning Management System

Knowledgeworker Share

Guarantees a unique learning experience

Save valuable resources, minimize the demands on your time, and optimize learning outcomes. Manage everything centrally on the online learning platform: Employees, training sessions, documents, video conferences, graduation certificates, learning outcomes, and reports.


What is an LMS?

Manage online courses centrally

What is an LMS?

An LMS (Learning Management System) is a digital platform that allows you to deliver your online courses to learners in a way that suits their needs. Organize your employees into target groups and assign them learning content designed specifically for their needs. Provide supplementary documents, integrate video conferencing, and evaluate how they are getting on. An LMS provides an interface between you and your learners, as well as among learners themselves. A learning management system is a powerful tool for promoting your digital learning culture.


Growth factor for your training

The benefits of a learning platform

Advantage of a learning platform: Scalable as desired

Scalable as desired

 You might have 10 learners or 100,000—manage them all centrally on your learning platform. Enter individual departments, various locations, or your entire business with just a few clicks.

Advantage of a learning platform: Simplified organization

Simplified organization

Keep track of deadlines, upcoming courses, progress and completed units at any time. Communicate with learners and provide them with supplementary documents.  

Your LMS is based around specific needs and target groups

Needs-based and target group-specific

Allocate learning content based on specific needs, e.g. depending on department or the individual’s prior knowledge. This means that learners only get content that is relevant to them, which fosters motivation and cuts learning times. A win-win for everyone. 

Your learning management system always keeps pace with the times.

Always up to date

Update your learning content centrally on the learning platform. This way you’ll make sure that only up-to-the-minute content is being shared at any given time. This is especially important for sensitive topics that are subject to legal provisions. 

A learning management system keeps you well connected

Optimal networking

Allow learners to share and interact directly, connect with your employees, and build a positive learning culture on your platform. 

Your learning platform offers solid support in personnel development.

Proper support

Your learning platform keeps you informed about all the progress made by your learners, automatically issues certificates, and archives proof of course completion in a way that is both auditable and compliant with data privacy rules. Leaving you more time to do your actual work.


Manage. Analyze. Connect.

Which learning platform is right for you?

Which learning platform is right for you?

Taking digitalization to its logical conclusion, it is apparent that using a learning platform or a learning management system will optimize your personnel development. Save time and money managing learning content, and optimize learning times and achievements. Harness the many ways our selected learning platforms can make your work easier. So you can devote all your energy to developing training projects—no tiresome paperwork or time-consuming administrative processes to go through.


The perfect interface

The key functions of a learning platform

To exploit your learning platform to the fullest, it needs to meet a few specifications. The checklist below provides an overview of selected components, functions and features that your learning management system should have.



checklist learning management system elearning
checklist learning management system elearning

Checklist: It’s easy to find the right learning management system

Over 40 useful features and functions

This checklist allows you to identify the key criteria for your learning management system and set down your individual requirements. Use the checklist to make sure that you have not forgotten any important aspects, then look at your individual requirements catalog.


Free consultation for your future learning platform

Together we will find a solution that suits you.

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