To provide employees with learning materials, standardized courses are not sufficient in modern enterprises. Different locations, departments, tasks and working methods make it necessary to adapt knowledge transfer at different levels.

Meeting these demands will be one of the key tasks of Learning Content Management Systems (LMS). Learning contents are stored in single small segments, called knowledge modules, which can be combined again and again. Here the link to the original knowledge module is always guaranteed so that changes affect all courses, in which this module is used. The separation of content and layoutensures that courses can be exported into a chosen layout and for different output formats. In this way, once created learning units can be used again and again.


KnowledgeWorker- The working environment for knowledge workers
Lectora Online- Content publishing in new dimension

What you can expect from a good LCMS:

  • Simple integration into existing content production processes
  • Seamlessly integrated online authoring tools
  • Database-assisted and server-based organization and administration of your learning unities and materials.
  • Intuitive composition of new courses from existing learning material.
  • Support of other output formats (Office, PDF, offline, mobile phoning & iPad)
  • Management and support of translation processes
  • Complex security mechanisms including a roles and rights management.

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