Are you planning to optimise your learning processes and would like to provide your training sessions online via the Internet? At the same time you are looking for administrative support of your training offers and utensils and would like to improve the collaboration in your teams? You only have a small budget and a tight schedule to fit these complex requirements? Learning Management Systems (LMS) bring users and contents together and provide more functionalities on the management of courses and documents, that support learners, trainers, managers and human resource managers in the planning, implementation and evaluation of training.

The creation of good e-learning courses is the first step for a flexible and modern training of the employees. Learning Management Systems can significantly support and improve this process, because they offer considerable advantages.

What are the advantages of Learning Management Systems?

  • Learning Management Systems bring 'learning' to the learners - not vice versa. They create the foundation time profits and cost advantages.
  • Professional Learning Management Systems can be integrated seamlessly into the existing IT landscapes and adapted to internal processes.
  • Each user is granted a personal access to the LMS according to his rights and roles. Learners receive an overview of completed, currently attended and offered courses. However, trainers can see the learning progress and the assessment of their course participants.
  • An integrated course and user administration prevents inefficient ad-hoc training and allows a systematic construction of training series and the individual planning of human resource development.
  • By providing communication systems such as forums, chat rooms and tools for common work (eg memo, wikis or calendar) learners are given the opportunity to question, feedback and mutual exchange.

Learning Management Systems of chemmedia AG:

Saba Enterprise Learning Suite - Comprehensive Human Capital Management Solution for the administration and support of integrated e-learning units.
SharePoint LMS - The convenient solution to integrate electronic training and further education processes into existing Shares Point solutions.
OLAT Enterprise Edition – Open Source Learning Management System for the control of electronically supported learning units.
CourseMill - The simple and inexpensive administration of electronic learning activities especially for E-learning beginners.
KnowledgeWorker LMS - Professional administration of personnel development measures.