Lectora Online Benutzeroberfläche
Lectora Online Benutzeroberfläche

Lectora Online is available since spring 2010 as a wholly owned web version of the popular authoring tool Lectora Pro Suite. Lectora Online combines the unique features known for creating online learning units with the advantages of networked project management. Create interactive learning courses together with your team, manage all learning contents in a central media library and assign tasks and roles to your team members. You have completely new freedom in the creation of E-learning courses and ensure at the same time a close cooperation between professional authors, multimedia specialists and course developers.

Project management and team collaboration

With Lectora Online you are able to work together on your projects. As Project Manager you can distribute tasks to your employees, assign project roles and use the e-mail notification to track project progress. The integrated editing function allows any number of people to check the course online and to consign change requests.

Central management of learning contents

With Lectora Online you can now centrally administer your learning contents. This avoids different file versions and lengthy data exchange processes between team members. In this way you create a common media pool with all texts, questions, images, animations, videos, and sounds.

Lectora Online Demokurs
Lectora Online Demokurs

Easy operation with full functionality

Lectora Online invests in tried and trusted concepts and owns the full functionality of Lectora Publisher. Create interactive learning courses and varied trainings intuitively and without any programming knowledge.

Compatibility with Lectora desktop versions

Lectora Online offers full compatibility with the desktop applications Lectora Publisher and Lectora Publishing Suite. For example, you can edit your courses with the Lectora Publisher, and then upload in Lectora online for further processing in the team.

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