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Successful, automated personnel development thanks to a managed training service

Focus on your core work, save resources, and win your company over with top training results.

Managed training service for successful, automated personnel development
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Outsourcing: A path to greater efficiency

Cut loose any dead weight.

Digitalization and outsourcing as an opportunity

Paperwork and a host of administrative tasks continue to dominate the daily lives of many HR departments. Then there are all the laborious manual processes that eat into what little time you have to spare. Actual core tasks such as creating and implementing a recruiting strategy, supervising and onboarding new employees or even developing existing employees get a raw deal: either you can’t devote enough time to them, or they fall by the wayside completely. In times of skills shortages and high staff turnover, this strategy is very risky indeed, because the focus should be on developing and retaining your own skilled workers on a sustainable basis. However, it is possible to rethink areas of responsibility and your solutions to these in order to find a fast, future-proof solution.

Managed training service to free up your time—even with a low budget

Little time to spare and limited financial resources

Managed training services for excellent personnel development despite limited resources

Limited, scarce human resources

More time for your core tasks with managed training services

Lots of administration vs. future-proofing core tasks

There’s less for you to do with a managed training service

Too many operational and administrative tasks

Tina Roth (Fressnapf)

Tina Roth

Expert Corporate Academy

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In the many years of cooperation between Fressnapf and chemmedia AG, I have particularly come to appreciate the reliable, solution-oriented and fast implementation. Regardless of whether it is a matter of short-term individual solutions or large-scale, multi-layered projects, we have always arrived at a professional and timely result.


Make time for your core tasks

Significantly increase efficiency and professionalization by outsourcing

Managed training service: Significantly increase efficiency and professionalization by outsourcing

Free yourself from administrative and time-consuming activities and hand some responsibility to someone else! Outsource your system operation and training administration. Experts will take care of organizing and administering your training, as well as integrating the right tools. Focus on your core business. Benefit from optimal technology and learning solutions, efficient and automated workflows and outsourced services that make your day-to-day work easier and take you to the next level of personnel development.

You don’t need any additional staff, and you’ll gain from the many years of experience that our eLearning experts have to offer. Build a sustainable learning ecosystem which allows each of your employees and your business to grow. Provide efficient, effective and intelligent personnel development. Transform your business into an agile leader, create a positive learning culture, empower talent, and identify great potential.


What managed training services can offer

Managed training services for a sustainable training culture

Create a sustainable training organization and culture in your company

Managed training services provide an overview of qualification structures and statuses

Gain a full overview of qualification structures and statuses in the company

Managed training service enables comprehensible and clear reporting

Get a clear report of all your learning activities and how these impact the success of your business

Managed training service for centrally storing learning data and eliminating data silos

Eliminate data silos and bring learning data, content and outcomes together in one central location

Modern learning with managed training services

Blend old sources of learning and methods with more modern, sustainable learning

With managed training services, you can identify your employees’ potential

Make your staff development more transparent and swiftly identify areas of high potential

Revolutionizing personnel development with managed training services

Revolutionize personnel development through efficiency, effectiveness, modernity, and a smooth learning flow


We’ll do all this for you

Consulting, administration, evaluation of success, technology for scalable knowledge management

E-Learning Beratung

Invest in a strong partner who will support you at every step of your learning management journey. We help you choose the right learning management system, and set up and adapt your individual system. We take care of all training management, training support and workload planning. We design, plan, and carry out your training rollout. We supply the relevant figures so you can see how well your project is doing, and prepare meaningful reports for you. We provide 1st and 2nd level support in Germany, and are always on hand to help answer your queries. 

We advise, manage, structure, organize, and evaluate.


With Learning Management Services you get

Preview Managed Training Service

Freedom for your core business

Positive learning culture thanks to learning content from the experts

Professional learning organization

security eLearning

Maximum security

eLearning in Superlative quality

Superlative quality

Transparent qualification structures

Transparent qualification structures

Learning Record Store eLearning solution

Meaningful reporting


Our promise

Managed training services: We manage your global training activities
Managed training service: We manage your global training activities

We manage your global training activities.

We do all the heavy lifting and are always there to lend a hand.

We not only develop and implement solutions, but are also enthusiastic contributors. We develop visions with you, identify potentials, and drive employee development in your company. Your success is our success. We offer excellent advice, are efficient and effective in implementation, and provide clear data regarding your investment. You get everything from a single source, have more capacity, a lower workload, and can be confident in the success of your programs.


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Gerrit Schüppel | E‑Learning Consultant
Gerrit Schüppel
Germany: + 49 371 49 370 153
Switzerland: +41 44 999 80 08
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