The OLAT Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive Open-Source Learning Management System for the control of education and training processes via the Internet - it facilitates organizational processes in e-learning, provides opportunities for online collaboration and helps to create complex education and training scenarios.

OLAT proves its performance every day around the world in numerous educational institutions and companies and was awarded with prestigious awards - inter alia with the Swiss OpenSource Award 2008 and the Learning Impact Leadership Award 2009.

A system for E-learning beginners and training experts

OLAT Enterprise Edition is ideal for E-learning beginners and those who wish to manage their learning contents and training participants inexpensive and easily. The system is characterized by a flexible course structure and includes course-specific and course-spreading functions. OLAT Enterprise Edition simplifies processes of the analysis of the education and knowledge need, implementation of measures for training and further education, up to examination of the learning success.

Target group-specific learning contents for effective knowledge transfer

The OLAT Enterprise Edition has an integrated Learning Content Management System, which supports all forms of learning contents, training scripts up to interactive knowledge objects.

Stable reporting system for evaluation of learning activities

All learning activities can be monitored and evaluated by a variety of reports. A graphical representation supports the evaluation of test results, the mapping of the learning history and the planning of activities in the decision-making processes.

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