Saba’s Development Success Plan
Saba’s Development Success Plan

Employees are the most important resource of a company.

But many organizations fail by the target support of knowledge and know-how transfers. Saba Performance Suite is a powerful tool for focusing company departments, project teams or individual employees on the company's goals and to sensitize their actions. The aim is to identify the full range of services and to support in a targeted manner to increase the company's success. Saba Performance Suite identifies gaps between corporate strategy and the individual responsibilities and tries to close it.

Advantages of Saba Performance Suite:

  • Clear communication of the company's strategy
  • Individual performance appraisals for employee satisfaction
  • Productivity growth and increased competitive advantage
  • Transparency for management decisions
  • Cost cutting and risk reduction

Following components are available in Saba Performance Suite:

Saba Goals & Objectives - Focused target achievement and increase of employee's productivity
Saba Performance Reviews - Permanent target review
Saba Compensation- Gaining and maintaining of high performers
Saba Succession- Prevent a shortage of skilled labour
Saba Workforce Planning - Strategic company planning
Saba Impressions - Quick exchange of company news