We have perfected a symbiotic relationship between product and service in the KnowledgeWorker Cloud. This means you can establish and independently apply processes for identifying and transferring knowledge as core processes within your company. In addition, our service personnel is available to provide support at all times.

Our services include the creation of interactive multimedia learning content. We also revise material from your previous learning projects and convert it to a common format for further use. You can carry out updates yourself using our easy-to-use software.

We also provide support when you set up learning and knowledge platforms that you want to operate internally. As the administration of learning projects moves increasingly to the Internet, we can also look after all aspects of your training management – including the provision of high-security servers and backups.

On request, we can determine your employee learning outcomes and process the results for talent management at the end of the training project. We are happy to support the qualification processes of your staff on an ongoing basis. This means carrying out a current state analysis and working with you to determine the target profiles of individual employees as well as the further training measures required.