Specifically designed for Microsoft SharePoint, the Learning Management System SharePointLMS sets new standards in the field of learner's administration and extends existing business solutions to modern e-learning functionalities. Through the seamless integration into the existing SharePoint environment, the implementation effort is significantly reduced. With SharePointLMS you design individual training, administer online courses without large administrative burden and offer variety in the training routine.

Targeted control of internal education and training processes

By means of learning management systems available Microsoft SharePoint applications can be extended around the supply for the provision of online learning contents in the learning catalog. The booking of the participants in a training seminar and the allocation of courses on various topics to categorized groups of learners can be implemented as simple as the creation of questionnaires and the performance and evaluation of subject-specific knowledge tests.

Easy implementation, fast start

The E-learning extension can be integrated without any additional burden into already existing Microsoft SharePoint systems. Therefore, SharePoint LMS is much cheaper to purchase than comparable functionally complete systems as the acquisition of additional hardware and software is obviated and no complicated interfaces to other systems need to be developed.

Efficient means of communication and collaboration

Communication tools such as chat, forums and virtual conference rooms facilitate knowledge exchange between participants and support the workflow control in larger teams. An integrated reporting system graphically edits the status of learning activities.

Please find further information about SharePoint LMS under our product website www.sharepointlms.de.