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Create eLearning courses faster with AI

OpenGraph: KAI—Artificial intelligence in Knowledgeworker Create

As of now, the optional Knowledgeworker Artificial Intelligence - in short KI-KAI - supports you with the creation of high-quality learning content in the LCMS Knowledgeworker Create. 

  • Bring new, previously unfeasible eLearning projects to life.
  • Leave time-consuming and repetitive tasks to the AI.
  • Focus on outstanding visual content.
  • Create an unimagined global reach.

Overview, customized, and centralized skills development for your employees

Invest in your employees' strengths and secure valuable expertise and motivated talent for a successful future

Header on the topic of competence development in companies
Header on the topic of competence development in companies
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Strategic Skill Building

From problems to power: Ingenious solutions to the skills shortage and sustainable business boom!

With a centralized and clever solution for the skill development of your employees, you are able to expand the abilities, knowledge and skills of your employees in a targeted manner. You benefit from improved employee performance, increased employee retention and satisfaction, better talent acquisition and retention, increased innovation and more flexible employee management. You create a company culture that promotes lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

Visualization employee management

More flexible employee management

You can deploy your employees more flexibly in different roles and projects because they have a broader range of skills and capabilities through targeted skill building. As a company, this enables you to react quickly to changes in the market or in your own company. This gives you a great competitive advantage.

innovative team in cooperation

Improved innovation capability

They create free space for creativity and innovation. Employees who are continuously supported in their competence development are better able to take on new challenges and find innovative solutions. They also contribute to improving processes and products. This strengthens your company's ability to innovate and your competitiveness.

Visualization talent acquisition in human resources development

Better talent acquisition and retention

By investing in your employees' skills development, you secure a competitive advantage in talent acquisition and retention. Applicants are attracted to companies that support the professional development of their employees. For existing employees, retention and loyalty to your company grows because they feel supported and valued.


Uncover your team's full potential

Successfully develop competencies to improve performance

Track development progress, uncover hidden talents, and enable personalized educational pathways. Keep track of your employees' skills and identify which competencies still need to be developed. You will be surprised at the undiscovered potential that lies dormant in your company. Let your employees create their own career paths, too, and watch them grow into true leaders in their fields.

Preview dashboard "Employee skills development" in Cornerstone

Skill development for employees at a glance

Each employee has the option to select skills he or she would like to develop more in the future or can specify skills that should be used more personally. This allows your employees to customize their development and target it to their own needs and goals.

Preview dashboard "Individual learning paths for skill development" in Cornerstone

Individual Learning Paths for Developing Competencies

Learning paths support you in showing your employees the ways to develop themselves further. The appropriate learning content is stored so that employees can start their personal development directly, track it transparently, and continue to develop their skills.

Preview Dashboard "Content-Trends" in Cornerstone

Meaningful reports, developments and trends

In different dashboards you can see which expertise can be identified in your company. In this way, you can see which areas should be further strengthened. In addition, your employees' interests are matched with available resources.


From average to excellence

Your unbeatable partner for outstanding skill building for your team

Revolutionize workforce development through eLearning consulting

We, chemmedia AG, are your ideal partner when it comes to consulting and project implementation for competence building. With our many years of experience and expertise, we are well prepared to support you in your competence development process. We have a deep understanding of different industries and will develop your customized solution. Our approaches are practical and tailored to the needs of your employees and your company. 

We continue to provide ongoing support and guidance after projects are completed to ensure that your skill development process is continuously improved.


Talk to us about your individual requirements

You ask. We answer.

Gerrit Schüppel | E‑Learning Consultant
Gerrit Schüppel
Germany: + 49 371 49 370 153
Switzerland: +41 44 999 80 08
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Competence Booster: Build momentum for success through targeted development

You can bet on it

Precise claim profiles through 53,000 skills

You create precise aspiration profiles by using the extensive skills database with over 53,000 skills. You look at individual skills profiles and in-depth reports to target your investment decisions and realize the full potential of your workforce.

Clever learning content assignment

Quite effectively organize your learning content by marking the skills that will be developed or improved through training. This enables you to select the right learning content to enable employees to acquire or develop new skills. This allows you to target the learning process and ensure that training covers the desired skills.

Improved skills development

Detailed position descriptions help your employees understand what skills are required to advance on the job. With open communication about requirements, expectations and necessary competencies, you create clear direction for your employees.


Solutions for your successful personnel development


Strategic consulting

Rely on 360° consulting for all aspects of your e-learning project: Training strategy, processes, content, software.

learning content

Learning content

With our services around content and learning content creation, we make your training project a guarantee for success.

Managed Training Service

Managed Training Service

Simply outsource your e-learning processes or parts of them and benefit from our many years of experience.

Authoring tools

Authoring tools

We are independent and have them all: Lectora, Articulate 360 and Knowledgeworker Create. We find what fits best.

Learning & Development

Learning Management Systems

From small to fully comprehensive: Knowledgeworker Share, eFront, Cornerstone SBX or Cornerstone CSX. You match with the right solution.

People Experience Platform

Learning Experience Platform

We support you in the implementation and operation of EdCast by Cornerstone as a fully comprehensive LXP.

Skills Graph

Skill Management

With the right skills management, you can add important insights about your employees' competencies to your HR development.

Performance management

Performance Management

Promote and optimize the performance of your employees in alignment with your business goals.

Talent Management

Talent Management

Easily identify the competencies, skills and potential of your employees and make high potentials visible.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Rely on smart compliance management. This way, you comply with legal regulations and standards.

Recruiting and Onboarding

Recruiting and Onboarding

Optimize your candidate journey from recruiting to onboarding. Fill vacancies faster and prevent fluctuation.

Centralized personnel processes

Central HR platform

Organize your HR data centrally and bring all your data together on one platform.