Trade press often reported on the current 'War for Talent', the battle for the best employees. Companies from different industries and regions confirm this problem, which takes place in many 'fronts'. These include the skills development of the existing employees, dealing with staffs’ problems and, finally, the recruitment of new staff.

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About half of the jobs for leading positions are advertised externally. By complex and expensive selection procedures, such as assessment centers it is tried to find ideal employees for positions of responsibility, which become quickly skilled in corporate, team and customer structures.

The risk of hiring the wrong person is high: Regular customers could get lost and important projects fail if the new employee is not quite right in his new position and role. The Institute of the German Economy already warns against significant recruitment problems.

The potential of internal job vacancies is often underestimated - employees, who have been employed for years in the company know their processes, customers, products, and teams. By using a targeted succession management, the risk of hiring the wrong external person can be reduced. At this point, Talent Management Systems can be tied in. The goal of any strategic staff development should be to prepare the staffs' skills straight for the current and future needs of the company.

What we can do for you

We help you answering the following questions, for example:

  • Which positions should not be left vacant in your company? Which events cause your current employees to be away from work?
  • How do you identify employees who appear to be suitable successors and would appreciate this?
  • How do you determine the skills already existing and still needed for a job?
  • How can your employees achieve the personal development goals? What further training programs should you offer to prepare them optimally for certain task

By answering these questions, we will find the right products for your staff training and incentives.

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