More than 90 percent of our projects achieve a full return on investment (ROI) within a year. 60 percent take as little as six months.

Even large projects pay for themselves within 18 months. How do we do it? Before the project starts, we work closely with you to identify optimization potential and key performance indicators for measuring performance. On request, we are happy to put you in contact with our customers.


A globally active business group achieved double-digit million euro savings within two years by producing approximately 7,000 e-learning modules in 30 countries.

An international bank trained 10,000 credit advisers in sales strategy and the use of new software in six months without incurring additional costs for trainers, infrastructure and travel. There was also a measurable increase in the number and quality of loans generated afterwards.

An international business enterprise carried out compliance training involving more than 60,000 employees, saving more than 60 percent compared to conventional training.

A European pharmaceutical company saved a significant seven-digit sum over a five-year period by insourcing the production of knowledge.

A large industrial company carries out over 200,000 presence and online training courses with sales partners every year, using our solutions to manage the entire sales process from booking to billing.

A university generates additional income by offering extra-occupational courses of study, increasing its competitiveness vis-à-vis private education providers.