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Learning content with the wow factor

Make your personnel development a runaway success, thanks to media production and instructional design from the experts.

Learning content with the wow factor for personnel development, online courses, eLearning
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Attractive and effective learning contentTailored to your organizationPerfect fit for your processesCost-effective and success-orientedSustainable personnel developmentResponsive on multiple devices
Uncompromising training

Pithy learning content instead of dusty PowerPoints.

When do you make training a priority?

Rapidly advancing trends in technology and digital daily life present companies with a host of growing challenges in personnel development. Learning content must be molded to learner requirements, digital, and appealing. Human resources departments are chronically understaffed and lack the time or expertise to provide attractive, motivating eLearning. The quality of the knowledge transfer then suffers. Outdated learning content doesn’t work: Employees feel unmotivated and make very little use of the training on offer. A shame, given the vast potential of personnel development 4.0.

Attractive and modern learning content, leaving dull and outdated content in the past

Outdated content and unattractive design

Effective, needs-based learning content over ineffective content that ignores needs

Ineffective services that don’t take needs into account

Short-and-sweet learning content that inspires unmotivated employees to keep learning

Employees are unenthusiastic about further training

No time to create modern, new learning content

No time to create modern, new content


Demo online courses

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Occupational Safety and Health

Data security

Social Engineering


Learning is an experience for all the senses

Training is about more than just cramming in facts

Learning content for all the senses

You want to give your employees training with lasting results, that enables them to apply their knowledge successfully, and makes learning fun? Then trust the power of instructional design and give your learners the content they deserve. 

With interactive videos, informative graphics, immersive visual language and high-quality audio files, learning success is built in from the get-go. A well-thought-out structure ensures that learners retain the knowledge imparted and are able to apply it successfully in the company.  Concerns about offering your employees too much content, too little content or the wrong content are consigned to the past—our tailor-made eLearning content means you have everything under control at all times. Get tailor-made learning content for your training project now.


In a nutshell!

Get tailor-made content that hits the mark


Instructional design to hone your personnel development

Positive and open learning culture through tailor-made content

Establish a positive and open learning culture in which personnel development goes from strength to strength.

Learning content for well-trained specialists in your company

Train your own professionals who are experts not only in their field but are also ambassadors for your company and your processes.

Learning content from experienced designers opens new doors

Free up your time for more important tasks by handing over content creation to experienced learning designers.

Learning content to make you shine

Rise above the hodgepodge of superficial training courses and prove you are a flexible, modern employer with a do-it-yourself mentality.

User-centric learning content that promises success

Be success-oriented yet user-centered. Put people at the heart of what you do and achieve unprecedented success in personnel development.


Create user-friendly learning environments with guaranteed success

Attractive, contemporary and functional

Learning content from Knowledgeworker ‒ can be used responsively on different devices.

If you want to make sure that your learning content maximizes skills development, leave the design and production of your training content to the experts. Benefit from digital learning content tailored to the needs of your learners. Give your employees the opportunity to benefit from effective and enjoyable training that is also in line with your company processes.  

Put an end to illegible worksheets, dull-looking slides, and tedious lectures. Today’s learning content is varied, educationally sound, and tailored precisely to you. Help your learners achieve their learning objectives, inspire them to excel, and direct their attention to key topics. Only then can you ensure efficient, successful personnel development. Take advantage of attractive content now!


With learning content from the experts, you get

More time thanks to learning content from the experts

More time for your work

Maximize learning outcomes thanks to learning content from the experts

Maximize learning outcomes

Motivated professionals thanks to learning content from the experts

Motivated professionals

Sustainable personnel development thanks to learning content from the experts

Sustainable personnel development

Positive learning culture thanks to learning content from the experts

Positive learning culture

State-of-the-art, engaging eLearning thanks to learning content from the experts

State-of-the-art, engaging e-learning


Content and creation

Content and creation: Excellent learning content for excellent results
Banner: Content and creation: Excellent learning content for excellent results

Excellent learning content for excellent results.

Give your employees the content they deserve.

You know what you want to teach them, and we show you how. As eLearning specialists, our designers, educators, developers and authors are perfectly equipped to prepare your learning content for personnel development 4.0. From small infographics to the finished online course, you can be sure that your content creation is in the right hands. 


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Denise Schönheider | Director Content & Creative
Denise Schönheider
Director Content & Creative
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