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Create eLearning courses faster with AI

OpenGraph: KAI—Artificial intelligence in Knowledgeworker Create

As of now, the optional Knowledgeworker Artificial Intelligence - in short KI-KAI - supports you with the creation of high-quality learning content in the LCMS Knowledgeworker Create. 

  • Bring new, previously unfeasible eLearning projects to life.
  • Leave time-consuming and repetitive tasks to the AI.
  • Focus on outstanding visual content.
  • Create an unimagined global reach.

Learning content with the wow factor

Make your personnel development a runaway success, thanks to media production and instructional design from the experts.

Learning content with the wow factor for personnel development, online courses, eLearning
Learning content with the wow factor
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Attractive and effective learning contentTailored to your organizationPerfect fit for your processesCost-effective and success-orientedSustainable personnel developmentResponsive on multiple devices

Pithy learning content instead of dusty PowerPoints

Digital content in a class of its own

Put your energy and working time into your core competencies. We take care of the rest. With our services for content and learning content creation, we make your training project a guarantee for success. Whether multimedia production, internationalization or attractive design.

Positive and open learning culture through tailor-made content


You enable your employees to learn at their own pace. Instead of following a fixed schedule, learners can access content whenever it suits them best.

Content service: Graphics and visualizations

Diverse media

They offer content in a combination of text, images, videos, animations, quizzes, and other interactive elements to make the learning process engaging and varied.

Fast adaptability

Individualized learning

You can deliver your eLearning content adaptively, so that it adjusts to learners' individual progress and needs.


User-friendly learning worlds with guaranteed success

Our service offer

Intuitive and user-friendly learning environments are the key to sustainable learning success. Our customized concepts not only offer easy accessibility, but also content that engages and motivates learners. Rely on our expertise to create educational experiences that effectively impart knowledge while always focusing on the user.

The right eLearning software gives you room to focus on the essentials


We create a customized didactic concept for your online courses, which is specifically tailored to the needs of your target group.


eLearning consulting for strategy and processes

Project Management

We stand for an efficient project process and are happy to take over the entire project management in the content creation process.


[Translate to English:] Content-Leistung: Individuelle Onlinekurse

Customized Online courses

Based on your subject content, we take over the creation, structuring and revision of online courses so that they are didactically optimized for the digital self-learning process.


[Translate to English:] Content-Leistung: Standard Onlinekurse

Standard Online Courses

We provide you with standard online courses from different areas, which you can easily integrate into your learning management system as a SCORM package.


Content service: Digital coaching

Digital Coaching

We transform learning content into dialog-based, branching scenarios. Whether coaching for convincing sales talks, supportive consulting sessions.


Content service: Digital flashcards

Digital flashcards

We make your knowledge particularly memorable and bring even extensive know-how into a short, crisp learning form for digital flashcards.


Content service: Content migration

Content migration

We transform learning content into dialog-based, branching scenarios. Whether coaching for convincing sales talks or e.g. for supportive consulting sessions.


Content service: Graphics and visualizations

Graphics & Visualizations

We make your knowledge even more memorable and put the learning material in the right light. You benefit from the unbeatable effect of images and the simplicity through visualizations.


Content service: Movies, videos, and animations

Films, Videos & Animations

We convey even complex topics simply and explain contexts vividly. They create a realistic, emotional and vivid effect and simplify learning.


Content service: Soundtracks


For varied learning content, we offer dubbing services and take care of all the steps: from storyboarding and editing to integration into your online courses.


Content service: Translations


We take care of the translation of your online courses into over 50 languages, translating all metadata, image files and embedded learning content.



Together we create learning worlds of the next generation

Professional implementation meets creative vision

Learning content from Knowledgeworker ‒ can be used responsively on different devices.

Benefit from digital learning content that is tailored to the needs of your learners. Offer your employees a way to learn that is effective, enjoyable, and fits with your company's processes. Put an end to illegible worksheets, unattractive slides, and boring lectures. Today's learning content is varied, didactically well thought-out and tailored to you.

  • more time for your work
  • maximum learning success
  • motivated specialists
  • sustainable personnel development
  • positive learning culture
  • modern, attractive eLearnings

Content that changes how you learn

With our content services, you get content that changes how you learn.

Make competence development and knowledge transfer attractive and effective. Make learning fun for your employees and support them with easy-to-understand, visually appealing content that is guaranteed to stick in their minds.


See for yourself

2 ways to impart knowledge

Content service: View online course

Online course

Social engineering is a real threat to any business. In this course, you will learn why this is so and how you can make your employees aware of the issue. 

Content service: Try interactive coaching

Interactive coaching

Attend to a customer whose purchasing volume has fallen sharply and start talking to her digitally. Train employees on how to handle the conversation.


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Denise Schönheider | Director Content & Creative
Denise Schönheider
Director Content & Creative
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Learning is an experience for all the senses

Training is about more than just cramming in facts

Learning content for all the senses

You want to give your employees training with lasting results, that enables them to apply their knowledge successfully, and makes learning fun? Then trust the power of instructional design and give your learners the content they deserve. 

With interactive videos, informative graphics, immersive visual language and high-quality audio files, learning success is built in from the get-go. A well-thought-out structure ensures that learners retain the knowledge imparted and are able to apply it successfully in the company.  Concerns about offering your employees too much content, too little content or the wrong content are consigned to the past—our tailor-made eLearning content means you have everything under control at all times. Get tailor-made learning content for your training project now.


Solutions for your successful personnel development


Strategic consulting

Rely on 360° consulting for all aspects of your e-learning project: Training strategy, processes, content, software.

learning content

Learning content

With our services around content and learning content creation, we make your training project a guarantee for success.

Managed Training Service

Managed Training Service

Simply outsource your e-learning processes or parts of them and benefit from our many years of experience.

Authoring tools

Authoring tools

We are independent and have them all: Lectora, Articulate 360 and Knowledgeworker Create. We find what fits best.

Learning & Development

Learning Management Systems

From small to fully comprehensive: Knowledgeworker Share, eFront, Cornerstone SBX or Cornerstone CSX. You match with the right solution.

People Experience Platform

Learning Experience Platform

We support you in the implementation and operation of EdCast by Cornerstone as a fully comprehensive LXP.

Skills Graph

Skill Management

With the right skills management, you can add important insights about your employees' competencies to your HR development.

Performance management

Performance Management

Promote and optimize the performance of your employees in alignment with your business goals.

Talent Management

Talent Management

Easily identify the competencies, skills and potential of your employees and make high potentials visible.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Rely on smart compliance management. This way, you comply with legal regulations and standards.

Recruiting and Onboarding

Recruiting and Onboarding

Optimize your candidate journey from recruiting to onboarding. Fill vacancies faster and prevent fluctuation.

Centralized personnel processes

Central HR platform

Organize your HR data centrally and bring all your data together on one platform.