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Create eLearning courses faster with AI

OpenGraph: KAI—Artificial intelligence in Knowledgeworker Create

As of now, the optional Knowledgeworker Artificial Intelligence - in short KI-KAI - supports you with the creation of high-quality learning content in the LCMS Knowledgeworker Create. 

  • Bring new, previously unfeasible eLearning projects to life.
  • Leave time-consuming and repetitive tasks to the AI.
  • Focus on outstanding visual content.
  • Create an unimagined global reach.

Unleash the potential of your teams with smart talent management

Think ahead instead of reacting: Identifying, developing, and retaining employees and employee potential with AI- and competency-based talent management

Visualization Talent Management
Visualization on the topic of talent management
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Your benefits

Your team on track for success

Optimal talent management: unleash potential and target skills

With a smart talent management tool, you will unleash the maximum in your teams and achieve your set business goals. You can easily identify the competencies, skills and potential of your employees and make high potentials visible. In the process, you can track the development of your employees and set individual performance targets to ensure your team always stays on track. 

Identify the potential of your employees with Managed Training Services

Increased productivity and efficiency

Talent Management helps you to identify and develop the potential, skills and competencies of your employees in order to use them optimally. This leads to higher productivity and efficiency in the company.

chemmedia AG employee retention

Employee Retention and Motivation

You increase employee satisfaction as you invest in their development, nurture and grow their skills. You benefit from higher employee retention and reduced turnover.

Effective learning worlds thanks to suitable e-learning solutions

Future Proof

By providing your employees with targeted training, you can prepare for future challenges and changes in good time. Act instead of react! You thus secure your competitiveness in the long term and can successfully hold your own in the market.


This is what your talent management might look like

Cornerstone Talent Management


Adaptive Human Capital Management (HCM) for Modern Teams

All critical employee data in one place: fast, secure and reliable

Give your employee experience a boost with our central HCM platform! Reap the benefits of more efficient and accurate management of your employee data. You have easy access to all the important information you need. Standardized and automated administrative workflows help save time and resources and allow you to focus on developing your business. 

Talent Management Dashboard Cornerstone

Centralized processes

Stop wasting valuable time on manual processes and go for self-service! You enable your employees to manage their data independently. You thus relieve your HR team and rely on more autonomy of your employees. 

Preview Dashboard Performance Cornerstone

Recruiting and Onboarding

Take the process of finding, recruiting and onboarding talented candidates to a new level. Avoid time-consuming search processes for suitable internal and external talent for vacant positions and rely on an innovative approach.

Preview Cornerstone Talent Management

Performance Management

You keep track of your employees' development at all times. You set goals, give feedback and work with clever, automated cycles. In doing so, you improve job performance and ensure that your goals are aligned with your company's business objectives. 

Visualization of continuing education and learning culture using the example of Cornerstone

Further development

Optimize the alignment between your company's initiatives and your employees' personal career planning. By doing so, you'll boost performance, achieve higher retention and valuable output. You'll foster an active learning culture.

Software insight into Cornerstone data analysis

Founded Decisions

Provide managers with the data they need to make informed decisions. Increase clarity and efficiency with automated data visualizations, so the right people get the right information every time.

Software insight into Cornerstone Skill Management

Skill Management

The AI-based skills engine helps you gain comprehensive insights into your talent's competencies. By automatically identifying gaps, you can target them and predict future relevant skills. This gives you agility to respond to new demands, setting you and your employees up for a successful future.


Do it right, hire and thrive

How we turn your talent management into a talent factory

Revolutionize workforce development through eLearning consulting

Make your company the ultimate talent hotbed! We, chemmedia AG, bring many years of experience and know-how to provide you with the best possible support for your talent management. We rely on modern technology and innovative methods to keep you ahead of the game. With us, you develop high potentials in your teams and give them the fire they need to achieve everything. Together, we'll make sure your talent is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Make your company the champion of the industry.


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Gerrit Schüppel | E‑Learning Consultant
Gerrit Schüppel
Germany: + 49 371 49 370 153
Switzerland: +41 44 999 80 08
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Competence Booster: Build momentum for success through targeted development

You can bet on it

Precise claim profiles through 53,000 skills

You create precise aspiration profiles by using the extensive skills database with over 53,000 skills. You look at individual skills profiles and in-depth reports to target your investment decisions and realize the full potential of your workforce.

Clever learning content mapping

Quite effectively organize your learning content by marking the skills that will be developed or improved through training. This enables you to select the right learning content to enable employees to acquire or develop new skills. This allows you to target the learning process and ensure that the training covers the desired skills.

Improved skills development

By providing detailed position descriptions, your employees can better understand what skills are required to advance in the job. With open communication about requirements, expectations and necessary competencies, you create clear direction for your employees.


Solutions for your successful personnel development


Strategic consulting

Rely on 360° consulting for all aspects of your e-learning project: Training strategy, processes, content, software.

learning content

Learning content

With our services around content and learning content creation, we make your training project a guarantee for success.

Managed Training Service

Managed Training Service

Simply outsource your e-learning processes or parts of them and benefit from our many years of experience.

Authoring tools

Authoring tools

We are independent and have them all: Lectora, Articulate 360 and Knowledgeworker Create. We find what fits best.

Learning & Development

Learning Management Systems

From small to fully comprehensive: Knowledgeworker Share, eFront, Cornerstone SBX or Cornerstone CSX. You match with the right solution.

People Experience Platform

Learning Experience Platform

We support you in the implementation and operation of EdCast by Cornerstone as a fully comprehensive LXP.

Skills Graph

Skill Management

With the right skills management, you can add important insights about your employees' competencies to your HR development.

Performance management

Performance Management

Promote and optimize the performance of your employees in alignment with your business goals.

Talent Management

Talent Management

Easily identify the competencies, skills and potential of your employees and make high potentials visible.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Rely on smart compliance management. This way, you comply with legal regulations and standards.

Recruiting and Onboarding

Recruiting and Onboarding

Optimize your candidate journey from recruiting to onboarding. Fill vacancies faster and prevent fluctuation.

Centralized personnel processes

Central HR platform

Organize your HR data centrally and bring all your data together on one platform.