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Case Studies & Use Cases

Case Study: Qualify specialists yourself

Developing your own specialists from lateral entrants and defying the crisis

How an entire industry uses a digital learning platform to qualify its own skilled workers and thus attract lateral entrants to its own company.

Case Study E‑Learning Coop Internationalization

Borderless e-learning: How to internationalize e-learning worldwide really easily

How the Coop Group successfully delivers e-learning to 90,000 employees in 15 countries and 11 languages, achieving higher quantity and better quality at low cost.

Case Study Automotive

Global digital compliance training in just 4 months

How an international automotive group digitized its global compliance training for 150,000 employees. Audit-proof, digital, cost-efficient – and all in less than 4 months.

Preview Case Study Digitales Onboarding

Train employees efficiently and successfully through digital onboarding

How Fressnapf digitally supports new employees through the first half of the year and takes the pressure off store management.

Mobile Learning Use Case

Keeping up training during the crisis with mobile learning

How a vocational school used an in-house virtual teaching platform to centralize its communication of news, assignments and tasks and revolutionized its education and training processes through web conferencing.

Use Case: Weiterbildung in der pharmazeutischen Industrie

How continuing education can work in highly regulated markets

How the pharmaceutical industry efficiently organizes its education and training and optimally meets the challenges of a regulated market.



White Paper

white paper personnel development 4.0

Personnel development 4.0

Discover the future of personnel development! The whitepaper provides you with new approaches and best practices to optimally develop your employees and realize their full potential.

Preview Whitepaper: The most important arguments for the introduction of e-learning

The main arguments for introducing eLearning

Arguments to convince management, HR departments, works councils, IT, and employees: Here’s how to bring people round and explain the key benefits confidently.

Preview Whitepaper The Secret to Successful Online Courses

The secret to successful online courses

This enables you to maximize learning outcomes while reducing costs and time investment by up to 30%. You’ll maximize achievement and increase the efficiency of your training. 

Preview Whitepaper Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning

Better learning outcomes and shorter learning times – with minimal time investment. With the 6 possibilities of adaptation, you meet the exact needs of your target group.


Checklists & Comparisons

Preview Whitepaper: The ultimate authoring tool comparison in e-learning

Comparison: The ultimate authoring tool comparison

Storyline 360, Lectora, and Knowledgeworker Create under the microscope: Get a quick overview of which learning content management system best meets your requirements.

Preview checklist - The right authoring tool in e-learning

Checklist: The right authoring tool

This checklist makes it easy for you to specify your requirements with regard to an authoring tool by providing you with more than 60 options to select from. Select the functions that are important to you and look at your individual list of requirements.

Preview Checklist - How to Find the Right Learning Management System

Checklist: The right learning management system

Over 40 features and functions to select from, making it easy to identify your learning management system requirements and record in your requirements list.

checklist data protection in eLearning

Checklist: Data protection in eLearning

Be on the safe side right from the start and start your e-learning project without worries with the data protection checklist.


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