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Create an attractive online course with an authoring tool

All it takes is a few clicks to create varied online courses that your learners will remember.

Create an attractive online course with an authoring tool
Create an attractive online course with an authoring tool

Time for a revolution.

Making digital learning appealing and easy

These days, digital learning often looks dull and lifeless: tedious presentation slides studded with row after row of bullet points, alternating with interminable monologues delivered by webinar lecturers. There is often little added value for participants, and, despite everybody’s best efforts, the learning experience rarely fills anybody with enthusiasm. That’s why it is vital to make digital learning as straightforward and attractive as possible. In just a few clicks of an eLearning authoring tool or LCMS, you can create an online course that will actually educate your employees rather than send them to sleep.


Intuitive. Simple. User-centered.

Authoring tools for your eLearning success

Knowledgeworker Create

Just try it out

Knowledgeworker Create

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Build state-of-the-art interactive online courses using drag & drop—it’s easy and requires no programming knowledge. Access templates, integrate interactivity with just one click, and work with images, collages, videos, audio files, timelines, boxes, questions, and hotspots—there are no limits to your creativity. All you have to focus on is your content. Your template controls the design. Many rapid authoring features speed up your course creation, enabling you to produce professional learning content and unique learning experiences efficiently.


What is a smart learning content management system?

Create an online course with intuitive software

What is an authoring tool or LCMS?

Authoring tool, authoring software, learning content management system... There are lots of terms, but they all mean the same thing: an eLearning software product that you can use to create online courses with no prior knowledge of programming or advanced IT skills. Authoring tools or LCMS have been specially developed to create learning content on an instructional foundation. Besides the various design options, they contain numerous features that support, optimize and expand digital learning. The perfect tool for your digital training project.


Online courses in record time

The benefits of your authoring tool

Authoring tool: Simple and intuitive

Simple and intuitive

You don’t need any programming or IT skills to find your way around an authoring tool.

Authoring tool with WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get)


“What you see is what you get”: The Editor allows you to see the course through the eyes of your learners.

Save time with the right LCMS

Save time

Save time creating your content: Say goodbye to elaborate, unattractive presentation slides in favor of online courses that pack a punch and are available in a matter of minutes.

LCMS or authoring tool with central content management

Central administration

Clear management of your eLearning content. No complicated storage systems or confusing folders stuffed with outdated content.

Benefit of your authoring tool: Interactive


Involve your learners with interactive features such as quizzes, various options to choose from or clickable design elements.

Work collaboratively in your authoring tool


Work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team on your online courses. An agile workflow means you can work alongside one another, thus cutting your implementation times.


Create attractive online courses

Which authoring tool is right for you?

Create an attractive online course with the right LCMS / authoring tool

Your work method—your success. Find an authoring tool that works for you and your team. Use the LCMS as a tool to make your training project better, more efficient and more attractive. The eLearning software market can be a bewildering maze, and there are lots of authoring tools of varying scope. We have spent many years keeping a close eye on the market and we understand our clients’ requirements. To live up to our claims of superior quality, we work exclusively with established partners who are committed to evolving their authoring tools and always put the user first.


The magic formula

The key functions of an eLearning authoring tool

Which features and functions are the right ones for your eLearning strategy depends on your personal requirements. The following checklist gives you an overview of the most important functions that your LCMS should offer.


Even in small companies—and definitely in large corporations—content often has to be provided in different languages. The LCMS therefore needs an integrated language management system that not only translates content, but also organizes it in the system in such a way that several languages and fonts can be stored alongside each other in the same course. Ideally, the LCMS will also enable you to export and import specific content easily in the form of XML packages in case you need to collaborate with external translation providers.


A professional authoring tool stores complex content as individual modules in a central database, permitting multiple use for sustainable knowledge management. This means you can recombine individual modules to create new courses. If you update a module, the changes are automatically applied to all courses that include that module.


If your authoring software doesn’t already provide you with password-protected server space for your courses, it is essential that you can export your eTraining courses to all common formats so that they can be made available on the required network later. So play it safe and ensure you can download your finished courses as PDF, HTML web file, HTML SCORM or xAPI (TinCan) packages—the latter two are particularly important, as they store user-based information and thus allow progress to be measured.


It should also be closely linked to the editor, so that you can position the media quickly and easily at the right points in your courses.


After all, it’s not the “sage on the stage” approach to imparting knowledge that you’re after—you also want to benefit from learners’ own active acquisition of knowledge. This requires special interactive features such as video breaks with calls to action, accordions to open up, hotspots, matching exercises and active exploration of on–screen features, to name but a few.


Potential question types: Single or multiple choice, matching exercises, picture selection, gapfills, open questions, dialog questions—the greater the number of question types, the more fun it is to learn!


Preview checklist authoringtool
Preview checklist authoringtool eLearning

Find the right eLearning authoring tool

60 useful selection criteria to help you

This checklist makes it easy to define and record your specific requirements with regard to your future authoring tool.


Free authoring tool consultation

Together we will find a solution that suits you.

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